My name is Brian Ethier and I express myself with code

I’m a software engineer living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I started my career in San Francisco helping to build two companies from startup to acquisition. I lived in Saigon, Vietnam for a year and started a grocery delivery company called Saigon Tiger.

When I’m not programming I love to spend my time playing Chess, Go, and Magic the Gathering. I travel and attend at least a few Magic the Gathering Grand Prix per year.

I'm extremely involved in the local Blockchain community. I started a company called Solidcoin which built anodized aluminum coins with QR codes on them to redeem ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. I also work on the Burner Wallet, a web-based crypto wallet, allowing people to send and receive crypto by just visiting a website. I wrote the smart contracts for BuffiDai the currency used for ETHDenver 2019. Every attendee was given a Solidcoin, loaded with BuffiDai which was loaded into their Burner Wallet for the event and used to buy food/art.

I love game design, and have even designed my own card game. I mixed my love for crypto and games on my art project called ETH.RIP. It's a site where you can provably burn your money, and attach a message for posterity.

I also take full advantage of the amazing outdoors that Colorado has to offer. I love to ride my motorcycle, rock climb, ski, hike and play soccer.

Here are some projects that I’m very proud of having built!

  • Burner Wallet - A web based crypto wallet. Transacted over $100k for 3000 people in a weekend at ETHDenver.
  • Chess chat bot - A chat bot created for the Google Home to play chess by voice
  • Solidcoin - Physical coins with QR codes allowing the user to redeem cryptocurrency