Programming is not only my career, it is also one of my most cherished passions. Here is a selection of some of my favorite side projects.


  • Burner Wallet - Web based crypto wallet. Transacted over $100k for 3000 people in a weekend at ETHDenver.
  • ETH.RIP - An artistic project exploring the ability to provably burn money on the blockchain.
  • Amazon Bitcoins - Early service automating trade of bitcoin for Amazon Giftcards. Shutdown by Amazon's lawyers.
  • Solidcoin - Physical coins with QR codes allowing the user to redeem cryptocurrency

Consulting Work

  • Rippld - Architected the data model for a social network, including a Neo4j prototype
  • Touchpoints - Created the tech stack for a sales retargeting company
  • Travel Joy - Improved website load times by an order of magnitude for this travel SaaS company